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Mercury Yacht Harbour
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Southampton              S031 4HQ
United Kingdom

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X-Ray Slider Ltd. is a British based company that manufactures, promotes and supplies products for use in Radiology. At present X-Ray Slider Ltd. has nine distinct product ranges all designed and tested by UK radiographers. 

All X-Ray Slider Ltd. products have been designed with radiographic duties in mind. All products have been designed and tested to ensure that the radiographers work is made easier. 

The X-Ray Slider Ltd. products includes Sliders, Gliders, Pre-Cut anatomical positioning pads, Positioning Pads, Slider Sheets, CT Slider Sheets, Precision Depth Sizing, Replacement Mattresses. X-Ray Slider Ltd also have many other products in the development.  

As X-Ray Slider Ltd. is in a unique position in that we manufacture all our own products we are in a position to create bespoke items at competitive price. 

Please select the products button across the top of the screen to see our product range. 

X-RAY SLIDER is a Limited Company within the United Kingdom.


We have just finished developing a brand new slider, with most favourable results. 

The new Slider, allows the user to position a cassette both portrait or landscape, with or without a grid. 

The Slider comes with a slide sheet and a jacket, to reduce drag even further. 

Contact us for further information. 

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